I wake up it's a bad dream, no one on my side

we are awesome. awkward. friendly. funny. currently obsessing over the vampire diaries. supernatural. the oc. hart of dixie. misfits. pretty little liars. american horror story. nikita. terminator: the sarah connor chronicles. we make weird looking gifs. following us would be a huge mistake. do not press that button.

run by addie, mini & lauren

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What program do you use to make your gifs? I use Adobe Photoshop CS5.

What program do you use to cap/play your episodes? I use the KMPlayer.

How do you make your gifs look so HQ? I use HD episodes that I download every week. You can download them here - search for the show you wish to download and choose the web dl version. 
I also sharpen my gifs.

Where do you get your PSDs? I make my own PSDs and I’m sorry, but I don’t share them at the moment. I might in the future though. But, if there’s anything specific you want to know about my gifs - just leave a question in my askbox, preferably off anon, so I can answer you privately as I’ll be sharing my own personal methods with you.

How do you make the character’s eyes pop out? I made a tutorial about it here.

How do you make the background black? Well, usually my coloring makes the background look really dark/black-ish so I don’t really have to do anything. At other times I just paint it black with the Paintbrush Tool. It’s annoying, but it works.

Why don’t you post personal information about yourself publicly? I have my reasons and I might share them with you one day. However, if you ask me about myself off anon, odds are I will answer. Just note that if you do that anonymously, I might ignore your question. 

Ask me anything 

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